Friday, 30 November 2012

welcome december

assalamualaikum,,hai3,,ok,,aq thu mesti ade yg ckp ehh,,smalam dah update ai nie update lg??*erkk,ade kew yg bc blog nie,,hahaha,,x kisah laa,,jnji aq hepy and this is mine so i will do anything i want.
for today i will talk about december,,yeahhh,,today is 1st december. and i dont understand why everyone so happy about december. most people in facebook, twitter, tagged and etc will post a status like this "december please be nice to me" "december, please b sweet to me"..n until now i still dont understand why they want the only december to be nice or sweet to them. why not october, november, june or else? and as i know december is a "month" not a "people" to be sweet or nice or what so ever to uollsss.
or maybe dorng telah melalui masa2 yang agak sukar pada bulan2 sebelumnya. so thats why lah they ask december to be nice to them. but people, please,, yo better ask ALLAH to be nice and sweet to u because ALLAH is the only ONE who will be really sweet and nice to u. i still remember this "ALLAH tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum sekiranya mereka tidak berusaha mengubahnya sendiri" 
so,,same with this, wlaupon uolls melalui perkara yg agak teruk pada bulan sebelumnya, december will never be nice to u slagi u sndiri x berusaha untuk ubah nasib u. 
and for me,, december is nothing until i make something :)